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We are a unique company for disabled run by disabled. Makingtrax is the link between client & company understanding both needs

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New Zealand is one of the most spectacular countries in the world with incredible scenery, amazing wilderness and exhilarating adventure. We endeavour to provide experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Our vision is to enable all abilities to feel the amazing freedom of the great outdoors in the adventure capital of the world.

We give Outdoor Companies the Trax Seal of Approval. Through consulting companies we are changing the world of freedom through adventure.

Makingtrax is a company that brings infrastructure to outdoor companies providing education, information & adaption. We work with some of New Zealand's leading outdoor adventure companies who are excited and willing to tailor our trips to any adventurer's needs.

Tried and tested by Trax director & outdoor consultant Jezza.

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We take the "im" out of imposible.

Jezza"It would be my pleasure to have you on one of our adventures, with over 15 years of experience internationally guiding spectacular rivers, exploring lost jungles, patrolling steep and deep mountains, I am a specialist in the outdoor industry. Now a C5 tetraplegic I understand how important it is to experience the power of freedom, wilderness and adventure."
- Jezza Williams, Makingtrax Director, Adaptive Adventure Consultant & Public Speaker

Venture out and play, come adventuring with us and make some Trax of your own!

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Seven Sharp Stunning Paragliding Feat

Seven Sharp Solo Paragliding Tetraplegic

Seven Sharp Thrill-seeking Tetraplegic

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