Makingtrax is a company that is dedicated to bringing freedom through adventure to everybody. From a short excursion to an action packed event or a fully tailored trip we offer everything. Over the past years we have found the best and most reliable companies to work with to ensure our clients have the time of their life.

Makingtrax mainly consists of Jezza Williams, founder and director of the company. After an accident in 2010 that lead to a spinal injury (C5 tetraplegic), and some research, the idea of Makingtrax was born. Up to this point there was no company in New Zealand that was able to open the outdoor world to people out of the 'norm'. Jezza is backed up by a team of volunteers who are there for support any time.

Since the start of Makingtrax in 2012 we have developed and organised equipment to make sure all our offered activities can be done as safe as possible. Tried and tested by Jezza as a C5 tetraplegic, if he can anybody can. We want our clients to enjoy their trips without having to worry. We have developed a harness for skydiving, improved a paragliding buggy and imported special seats for rafting, to name just a few. All our gear is also available for hire.

Apart from the actual activity with certain outdoor companies we can also organise travelling itineraries. Whether you want to experience the outdoors for hours, a day or a week, we can provide you with everything you need. Makingtrax has a network across New Zealand working with accommodation providers and a car hiring company.

Makingtrax is a company with a unique business ethic, focused on life changing experences rather than maximising On profit. No funding is used by Makingtrax Director and/or TraxTeam for financial gain or profit

Depending on the circumstances of Makingtrax client, organisation required and/or adaptions needed, a fee of 10% may occur (to be managed on an individual basis)

Under some circumstances Makingtrax helps with funding opportunities and/or Makingtrax partner companies provide activities at a discounted rate or free of charge (to be managed on an individual basis)

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