Makingtrax was founded in 2012 by Jezza Williams. We discover professional outdoor companies willing, trustworthy and motivated to work with all abilities. If the activity is possible and company aware "awesome" the Trax Seal of Approval is granted. If not possible at the first point, we then look outside the box and make it possible through obtaining/inventing adaptions, education and/or advising. Once safe and possible Makingtrax Outdoor Consultant Jezza gives the Trax Seal of Approval. Many of New Zealand's most professional Outdoor Companies have all ready been approved. Join us in changing the face of the outdoor industry giving life changing experiences, freedom through adventure

Makingtrax is a limited liability company with a unique business ethic. We focus on giving life changing experiences rather than maximizing on profit. No funding is used by Makingtrax Director and/or TraxTeam for financial gain or benefit

After an accident in 2010 that ended with a spinal injury Jezza had to learn that everything that has to do with a disability is linked with higher costs. Whether it is equipment, insurance or participating in activities. Our main aim is to bring freedom through adventure to everybody without neccesarily doubling the costs for the individual.

With years of experience in the outdoor industry, now a C5 tetraplegic, Jezza is the ideal company consultant combining the knowledge of both 'sides'. Makingtrax already has a list of cooperating companies, not only in the outdoors but also in the hotel and tourism industry.

We offer our partnering companies the Trax Seal of Approval which shows clients that your company is advised and supported by Makingtrax. Throughout the cooperation with companies Makingtrax aims to advise and educate, work on or offer adaptions for clients with disabilities.

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