Making Trax

Having spent my life travelling the world, meeting different people from different cultures and
discovering different environments; this is what has really inspired my life. To be able to travel and
experience gives us incredible memories, I've always believed that we are our memories. These are
what stay with us and makes us who we are.

Discovering what is available as a wheelchair rider and adventurer has inspired me to open
Makingtrax. A little Kiwi ingenuity, a little imagination and help by others, adventure is endless.
Makingtrax is not about accessible, disabled tours that we see so often in the industry, Makingtrax
understands who we are and what we can achieve.

The feel of crisp mountain air, being at one with the river, preparing your meal on a campfire,
sleeping under the stars, anticipation of an adventure or just the feeling of freedom, this is what I
want to create. To experience more, to push our limits, to achieve what we never thought would be
possible, at Makingtrax we make the impossible possible.

New Zealand has got incredible wilderness, amazing rivers spectacular mountains but no
infrastructure for wheelchair riders to access these incredible assets. Ever since my accident I have
been putting together the idea is to bring about Makingtrax. The motivation behind Makingtrax
firstly is to see what is available and possible for wheelchair riders in New Zealand. Then acquiring
and the creating adaptations to make it possible for all levels of ability to take part.

Myself being C5 tetraplegic gives me an advantage of that if I can do it then anyone can. So let us
open the eyes of the outdoor industry in New Zealand and bring adventure to all. Therefore in years to come Makingtrax will provide you the wheelchair rider unforgettable experiences, adventure and freedom.

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