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Tandem Skydiving gives you an opportunity to feel ultimate freedom. A must do "Freefall" Makingtrax not only has found the best company, we have also designed and manufactured our incredible harness system. Making this amazing experience possible for all abilities. Come join us in the sky, falling from 12,000 feet over 200km/hr. The adrenaline rush of a lifetime, to a slow descent having a safe controled canopy landing, absorbing the spectaculer birds eye view.

Our skydiving harness makes landing a breeze. In freefall your legs are harnessed together. Once the parachute opens your knees are pulled to your chest giving you time to enjoy your flight back to earth. When landing you slide in on your extremely experienced Tandem Masters butt, you hardly touch the ground. Tried and tested over and over again by Trax director Jezza as he has an addiction to skydiving. Check out our videos of the harness in action.

So no excuses, contact us today.


Situated just one hour south of Christchurch. With the incredible team at this small drop zone nothing is a problem. The first company to go out of their way to provide tailored once-in-a-lifetime experience. The incredibly experienced team at Skydivingkiwis tailor a trip to each individual depending on your ability. Magical views over the Canterbury Plains & Southern Alps, Skydivingkiwis is the real skydiving company. Our tandem master Lee represents New Zealand free flying and swooping. If there was anybody you would want strapped to your back Lee is the man. So contact us or book directly through Skydivingkiwis on our partners page. Just don't forget to tell them you're with Makingtrax.



An opportunity to soar like a bird, incredible feeling of total freedom. Makingtrax has a number of buggy systems available for any ability to tandem fly. Depending on your ability step it up a level & get your solo licence. We work with a number of professional paragliding companies throughout the South Island. Depending on the activity you would like to do we shall tailor a trip for you. Contact us.

Our buggies are designed for tandem and solo flights. A total sepreate system to your paragliding harness making your takeoff and landing possible.These systems have been used throughout the UK and Europe, now Makingtrax is proud to make them available in New Zealand. We have a paragliding buggy based in Queenstown at the paragliding school. Making it available for solo paragliding licence. Other buggies are based with Makingtrax. Contact us today and we can tailor a trip to your needs.


Aerobatic Pitt Special Flights

Like a go-kart in the sky, one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have, the pitt special. These trips are available to all abilities as long as you can nod your head to communicate with your pilot for crazier or cooler. But there is more: Ever wanted the chance to pilot a stunt plane? This is no ordinary plane- It's a stunt plane which can carry out aerobatics such as loops and rolls. And the best part, depending on your ability you can fly it!! Based at the world-famous Wanaka Aerodrome. Hold on for the ride of your life. Let Makingtrax tailor your trip today

For those of you that may need an easy access adrenaline hit or even check out your own flying skills, then take a seat next to a Kiwi champ in aerobatics and unique legend pilot Ivan in the Cessna. Loop & barrel roll or scenic its your call.

The Cessna is very easy access, the crew will make you feel incredibly welcome and comfortable.




The incredible part of these microlites is you don't need your legs! The trikes are incredibly accessible and easy to fly. The team at the Canterbury aero club may give you a fun introduction or why not get your licence. Anything is possible & you would be surprised of where these trikes will go.

The trike is very easy to fly for anybody that has arm strength. All abilities would get a kick out of flying in these trikes (speaking from experience).

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