Horse Wagon wilderness/Canyon swing/ Glacier Tours

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Horse Wagon Wilderness Tours

Accessing some of New Zealand's most remote wilderness via horse and cart. Get back to the basics and discover what New Zealand is really about. Our horse and cart tour combines Clydesdales, Accessible Wagon, Wilderness & unique New Zealand mountain mustering huts. Based in the Erewhon Mtn. Rangers (no where spelt backwards). As rugged as it can get. A day out or overnight. Makingtrax can organise a real Kiwi experience. Imagine camping under the stars, cooking on a campfire, freshness of the crisp mountain air. How free can you be?



"The world's highest cliff jump" the fantastic team provide a Thrill of a lifetime. A small and personal company, a real Kiwi experience. With many different styles, push the limits & get your blood pumping!

Access via a private road 15 min from Queenstown in a 4wd. A gravel track greets you providing your first challenge, soon arriving at the viewing station. A number of steep steps and you are ready to be harnessed up. The extremely helpful team will go out of their way to assist you. All they ask is you have a helper, but we all know a memory is to be shared. Book through us or directly via our partners page. Just don't forget to tell him you are with Makingtrax.

AJ Hackett bungee/Nevis swing

Everybody knows this thrill, be part of the experience. With the original "Kawarau" to the world's largest swing, these guys have something for everyone.

The world-famous "Kawarau" now has a whinch system making access a breeze, also the full body harness adds extra safety. Access to the largest swing in the world is thanks to Melrose Wheelchairs and Makingtrax. The AJ team will go out of their way to make it work for you, although it is important to have your own helper. If you're heading for a thrill please contact Makingtrax. We work to make your experience tailored to your needs.


Glacier Flights

The Southern Alps are the backbone of New Zealand's South Island. One of the most spectacular places on Earth! Makingtrax works with a helicopter company at Mt Cook, tailoring your glacier experience to your needs. Flying up to one of the most beautiful glaciers in the Mt Cook National Park. (Here is where our company comes to tailoring your glacial experience, getting out of the helicopter and onto the ice). If you are visiting New Zealand or a Kiwi you cannot say you have been here unless you look down from the Alps.

This incredible experience is a must do. We need to understand your abilities and the possibility of you having a help getting in and out of the helicopter, both at the helicopter base and on the ice. This is a fully tailored trip so contact us today

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