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Who is Jezza Williams

A born adventurer from humble beginnings to a world traveler, international outdoor guide & pioneering adaptive adventure consultant

Kiwi country kid with a wilderness playground at his doorstep, who could imagine such a journey........

Over twenty years of experience, guiding internationly on spectacular rivers & canyons, Adventuring into lost jungles, Patrolling steep and deep mountains.

Working in wild environments: a life of risk taking and exploring limits. Jezza believes your only limitation is yourself.

After a life changing canyoning accident in 2010, there was no holding back. Two years of rehabilitation after losing all independence and coming within an inch of death Jezza now, as a tetraplegic, has never let his disability take control. He has never stopped pushing the limits. Founder & director of Makingtrax, changing the outdoor industry to becoming far more aware & bringing freedom through adventure to all abilities. Always moving forward, became the first tetraplegic to complete the 26 000 km Mongol Rally from London to Mongolia and back again, and now is New Zealand's first tetraplegic solo paragliding pilot.

The lessons Jezza has learnt on his life of discovery:
Challenges of the day-to-day life as a tetraplegic
The reward of adventure and risk taking
Not being held back from achieving - no matter what obstacles

His life is testimony to his attitude. As a business entrepreneur, pioneering outdoor consultant, adventurer and lover of life, his life basket will leave you mesmerised.

Jezza can inspire any audience through his motivational speaking, from schools to corporate dinners, helping people to have an awareness of others & themselves.

Jezza can assist audiences:
*To help achieve their dreams
*To understand what is really important
*Providing techniques for staying strong through adversity
*Setting & achieving goals, both the outrageous & the possible

Jezza is Empowering, Inspiring, Motivating & Entertaining

Jezza on the News

Seven Sharp Stunning Paragliding Feat

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"Jezza shares his story in a realistic and entertaining way that shows how attitude and mind set can override even the most debilitating impairments that can occur or have always been a part of your life."

"Jezza tells it how it is and now uses his personal experience to support others to experience the thrill of adventure their way"

"Jezza Williams inspired me and challenged me to push myself further"

"Jezza reminded me that person before or regardless of the injury remains and in Jezza’s case; amplified!"

"With over 30 years’ experience in a chair looking for ways to get ‘out there’, I love what Jezza’s doing with Making Trax…getting rid of the endless barriers and providing a solution to disabled people wanting to enjoy the natural environment and push themselves. Enough of concrete paths already!"

"Jezza’s presentation to our team was authentic and motivating. He obviously loves what he does and communicates his passion in an infectious way."




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