How do I get the Trax seal of approval?

Having the Trax Seal of Approval

By becoming part of the Makingtrax legacy/cause, you will be part of changing the face of accessible adventure. Makingtrax takes the time to discover the best and most professional adventure companies willing to spend extra time and effort to tailor adventure experiences. We endeavour to acquire adaptive equipment, information and provide a network base. Making activities possible, fun and safe for any ability.

If you are interested in getting the Seal of Approval Makingtrax Director Jezza is going to visit your company. After discovering your product we will provide infrastructure through education, information & adaption. We open up opportunities by looking at all possibilities and take the “im” out of impossible. Makingtrax makes your product available to all abilities. Jezza is extremely experienced in the outdoor industry. With his knowledge and expertise combined with his disability he is the perfect consultant.

Once your company has the Trax Seal of Approval

We promote your company, both national and international, through advertising, marketing, media, social media and international expeditions (e.g.  Makingtrax focuses on the disabled community, giving freedom through adventure to all abilities.

Your website and logo is shared & linked on Makingtrax website (over 10,000 hits per year)

You receive our Trax Seal of Approval sticker which can be placed at your business entrance

You are provided our Trax Seal of Approval logo so you can prove your accessibility to all on your marketing products, eg your website and brochures

You can be part of giving life changing opportunities to incredibly deserving individuals

Costs & Company Specifics 

Once you have the Trax Seal of Approvel a yearly fee may apply (to be managed on an individual basis)

Depending on the adaptions and or organisation required a client booking fee may apply (to be managed on an individual basis)

Free media, photos and video are to be shared with Makingtrax for promotional reasons

International companies after Trax Seal of Approval or Makingtrax Consultancy may be required to cover travel costs (to be managed on an individual basis)



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