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By having a yearly subscription with the Makingtrax Movement we can Together change the face of Inclusive Tourism New Zealand. The more opportunities, the more visitors, the more lives we can change. The Makingtrax team are at your service.

What does Makingtrax subscription offer?

  • You can proudly say your company supports inclusive tourism
  • Professional advice from one of our consultants so you can make the best decisions for your inclusive clients.
  • Be part of the "Inclusive Directory" where all the important information for your clients is available & shared with the world
  • Receive the "Trax seal of approval" the bench mark of Inclusive Tourism New Zealand
  • Assistance to develop your product for all abilities, from information to adaption. Makingtrax prides itself on safety, simplicity & being cost effective
  • Your logo & company information shared by Makingtrax to the world through our website and industry leading media channels
  • Facilitate & book inclusive clients who need greater assistance and understanding if required.
  • Through consulting, education & development, bring more inclusive opportunities to the NZ Adventure Tourism Operators
  • Updates, newsletters and blogs, keeping you informed of the growing inclusive tourism industry
  • Makingtrax is building an industry
  • Be part of the family of ultimate adventure companies willing to tailor their adventure to all abilities

Where does your money go?

Makingtrax is a Charitable Trust focusing on building an industry.

Our Charitable Purpose is to

The Tourism Industry

  • Provide awareness, education and opportunities to NZ tourism. Informing the disabled community of new and existing adventure possibilities
  • Provide more opportunities of Inclusive tourism and adventure within the NZ tourism sector through, education, consulting, information
  • Fund the research, design and innovative new inclusive tourism adaptions
  • Achieve our vision of a barrier free tourism industry

To Individuals

  • We fund or donate adventure experiences, training or equipment to Kiwis with disabilities not covered via ACC - Adventure Therapy for those

    1.Born with a disability both cognitive and/or physical
    2.Have an accident outside New Zealand
    3.Develop a disability over time
    4.Mental Health Issues

To Society

  • We promote total Inclusion and Integration through Events, Networking, Media and Adventure Based Learning for All

Thank you for your support of Makingtrax and the future of inclusive tourism, be part of the future.


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