IFLY Queenstown

Posted September 4, 2018

Ever tried skydiving? thrill of zero to 200km per hour strapped to an expert. Makingtrax prides itself on offering this ultimate experience, all abilities can experience this safely with our designed and tested harness system. During the early stages of testing the harness my mind boggled, coming up with all these ideas of how I a C5 tetraplegic could do this as a sport, yes to jump without being strapped to the expert, to control my descent in free fall without spinning wildly to tera firma. As my beautiful body has no control from my armpits down, little arm strength no tricep nor hand function. What I do have is a wild imagination and a understanding of what the possibilities are....a solo paraglider, (trust me I still don't understand this one either) I love the freedom of flight.
The ability to fly has been desired by many since Daedalus and Icarus set the standard way back. Fortunately it's evolved and keeps evolving to the point of perfection....IFLY Queenstown has landed
Like stepping off the edge of the earth into a free fly void, the indoor tunnel simulates exact conditions of skydiving...to the point pro skydivers go hungry to perfect their flight...rain hail shine day or nite there's no stopping the tunnel dancers.
Rolling in the energy of the place absorbs you, an atmosphere that enlightens that childhood spark. The ability to fly is one thing, sharing it with your friends and family a total game changer.....even the pro flyers don't have to google at their GoPro.
It's a social event egged on by the last participant now a pro, before you know it your dressed for success, fly suit and helmet. The preflight briefing kicks air New Zealand as the ultimate team of instructors prep you for takeoff.
Flight, where have you been......progression grows, art of flight another addiction will leave you craving the next fix.

The team at IFLY go beyond to make your experience tailored to your ability, an absolute must do on your visit to the adventure capital of the world.

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