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Four Season Travel Nepal

Have you ever wanted to discover Nepal, now it's all possible. Four Season Travel have teamed up with Makingtrax, only the best for us!!
Nepal welcomes all abilities; this adventurous tour takes in the best of the best. With assistance from the Four Seasons crew and Makingtrax. Nepal has so much to offer any client, even if you travel with your wheelchair. Visit ancient temples, raft deep valleys, discover lowland jungles, paragliding or microlight in the shadow of the Himalayas. This journey of self-discovery will educate, enlighten and empower your adventurous nature.
Historic Kathmandu, Panoramic Pokhara and Primordial Chitwan, set in the low land with its teeming tropical jungles and wildlife.

Although Nepal is not the most accessible destination on earth, it's one of the most spectacular, has some of the friendliest people, holds the most ancient history and is one of the most adventurous. This tour is for the open minded traveler who doesn't mind bending their limits. The crew at Four Seasons is proud to offer such a tour and has the skills, knowledge and adaptive equipment to provide a safe, exciting and eye opening experience.
All tours have driver, guide and assistance supporter (if required) Vehicle of your choice, *All accommodation is the most accessible available *Adaptions to make activities possible provided by Makingtrax
Duration: 11 nights / 12 days (extra day option)
Recommended Period: January - May and August - December
Book directly through Four Seasons or Makingtrax

Valais-Wallis Adventures

Based in the beautiful Valais region of Switzerland, we are Makingtrax first international rafting company to join the inclusive tourism movement.
Adventure company running trips on the Rhône river and Leman lake. Rafting, inflatable kayaking and white water kayaking, sea kayaking and SUP and as well flyfishing trips are our main activities.
We are working with passionate and high skilled guides with strong background in expedition, group management and instruction.

Inclusive Information
In the process of development for opening up to all abilities in 2020, including a river harness, fully releasable system, making you sit up on the raft (even without trunk control), leg floats if you feel like floating through the pools, dry suits for those that do not have climate control (only hands & head are exposed)

Helicopter Skydive Gmbh

Nothing beats the rush you get from skydiving from a helicopter at 4'000 meters / 14,000 feet above the Swiss Alps! If you're looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush why not combine the fun of a helicopter flight with the thrill of a tandem skydive above the spectacular Swiss Alps.
Inclusive Infomation
If needed we have a skydiving harness that makes landing a breeze, designed by Makingtrax. In free fall your legs are harnessed together, once the parachute opens your knees are pulled to your chest giving your time to enjoy your flight back to earth. When landing you slide in on your extremely experienced Tandem Masters butt, you hardly touch the ground.
Book directly with Skydive Swiss Alps

JETBOAT Interlaken AG

Jetboat Interlaken was founded in 2014, as the first Swiss jet boat company, by two longtime friends!

We operate close to Europe’s adventure and outdoor capital, Interlaken; our base is located in the picturesque town of Bönigen by Lake Brienz! The well-being and safety of our guests are our top priorities. Our pilots are certified boat drivers who have undergone internal training courses and ongoing trainings.

Our goal is to show our guests the breathtaking beauty of Lake Brienz and the Jungfrau region. Jet boat rides are an activity for all ages, which provide not only a good dose of fun, but also informative and interesting facts about the region and its rich history.

Inclusive Information
With easy access and a great crew to assist, it's a great experience for all. If you can't hold your own body weight its advised you come with a companion to assist and support you. Book directly with Jetboat Interlaken, let them know your weight, ability and traveling companions. A really personal experience so feel free to ask the crew anything on booking.