Understanding the client and the inclusive tourism industry will open the mind of your staff, give confidence to dealing with the unknown and build an awareness to a more inclusive future.
Designed around your company operations these full day courses cover everything from protocols of dealing with, transferring and assisting clients to the inclusive tourism industry, adaptions and possibilities.
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Trax Travel Services

Join us on your ultimate adventure of a lifetime or get busy living with your own adaptive adventure. Makingtrax provides totally tailored inclusive adventure travel. From single day adventure, multi-day river trips to guided inclusive & tailored adaptive adventure travel. With your personal adaptive adventure consultant we make your adventure travel a breeze.

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Consulting Services

Makingtrax is committed to opening all possible adventure opportunities to all abilities. We are here to open the world of adventure, by giving you the advice and confidence to offer your experiences to a full range of people. We know the individual challenges and the little things that make a big difference to both operator and client.

It’s surprising how easy it is to include all! Our team provide a full adaptability & accessibility evaluation of your adventure product and facilities. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of your product and any changes that need to be put in place to be inclusive. We pride ourselves on looking outside the box, keeping it simple, practical and safe We provide full training for your staff & management in working with needs and requirements of the disabled community.

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Presentations & Public Speaking

Company director Jezza Williams is passionate about Inclusive Adventure Tourism with a solid background and extensive knowledge of both the disability and tourism sector. An accomplished public speaker, with an incredible story; can tailor a presentation to your needs in all aspects of Inclusive Adventure Tourism.

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Jezza and I first met in 2000 on the Buller River as rafting guides. I was always inspired by Jezza, always giving his client’s 100% on the job and always making the most of his spare time kayaking and pursuing other adventure passions. We continued working together when Jezza was in NZ. Jezza a highly experienced guide was leading some of the hardest white water trips in NZ on the West Coast of the South Island. After his accident in Switzerland, he came back to NZ with even more power and passion to get into the outdoors. Excepting the challenge he began breaking boundaries opening opportunities for others in chairs getting into the outdoors and adventure sports, once again proving to provide huge inspiration to those around him. It is an absolute pleasure to work alongside Jezza, paving the way forward, creating ways for folks of any ability to enjoy the art of river travel in a safe and enjoyable environment. We find so much pleasure in spending our days together on the river drifting, paddling and camping, enjoying the opportunity to share our lives and environment to those who rarely get the chance to do such an adventure.