Trax Seal

The Trax Seal of Approval is New Zealand’s benchmark of Adaptive Adventure Travel & Inclusive Tourism. The seal is given to all our subscribers. It indicates that the adventure company that possesses the seal supports Inclusive Tourism.

Our Trax Seal is a visual statement for clients & public to ascertain the companies stand on Inclusive Tourism. The Seal can proudly be displayed on supporting company’s websites, marketing material, social media, plus stickers & certification for public display.

Makingtrax is a known identity in the Inclusive Tourism Industry, both nationally & internationally since ages ago.

The approved company is open when appropriate to tailoring an adventure to each individual client and when needed has support & professional advice from the Makingtrax team.


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Gold Seal

The Gold Seal is the ultimate inclusive company. The seal indicates that the company is willing and able to provide a tailored adaptive experience for different abilities when possible.

This is able without the help of Makingtrax, as it is part of everyday operations, although Makingtrax is always there to advise. As every client & adventure is unique, the company is open to all possibilities to make there clients welcome safe and include.

Makingtrax vision is to see all adventure tourism companies reach the Gold Seal. These companies are indicated with the seal on our "Supporting Companies" page, this provides a resource for clients and a goal for all adventure companies. Once an adventure company has reached this status it is awarded the Gold Seal.


The Helicopter Line is proud to be working on inclusive tourism with Makingtrax. Jezza approached us with an idea of trying to get people out of the helicopter and onto the snow during their helicopter flight. In the past clients in wheelchairs have not been able to leave the helicopter and get on the snow. The result is the Makingtrax ski-chair that now enables clients to enjoy their experience on the snow like anyone else. The smile that comes across our inclusive tourism clients when they are out on the glacier would not have been possible if Jezza and Makingtrax had not developed the ski-chair. We look forward to hosting many more clients in the future with Makingtrax.