Curious about the Makingtrax Movement - there's more than meets the eye. Below are some educational tips & links that may be of value to understand why the Inclusive Movement is so important

New Zealands Broken System - StatsNZ employment survey

Adventure breaks down perception's  of abilities for the individual, their families and society. We can change the story empowering individuals to live to their potential, opening eyes of the miss informed and creating a stronger diverse workforce. It takes a challenging environment to understand barriers.. in adventure, at home and the workforce. Once everyone wakes up to the understanding of what challenge creates, equality will reign and diversity will be power.

Latest employment survey - StatsNZ


Change your destination - World Tourism Organisation

The United Nations World Tourism Organization see's the power of promoting travel for  all abilities. Their 2021 slogan was "Tourism for Inclusive Growth" as the World is embracing inclusion in all aspects... the United Nations slogan "Leave no one behind" clarifies the global lean to the importance of diversity.  You can download the UNWTO recommendations below. The short film "Change your destination" created by the UNWTO shows the value of welcoming all travelers.

Accessibility & Inclusive Tourism Development in Nature Areas

Change your Destination - short film

What is the value of creating an Inclusive Destination? - Purple Pound

In New Zealand we haven't taken statistics of the spending dollar those with disabilities and their families contribute. However the UK has and it is a surprise to most. Check these the stats, remember these are monthly. Now imagine the spending power of our neighbours, Australia and the rest of the International travelers that would love to visit the Inclusive Adventure capital of the World

Purple Pound

Breaking down barriers to travel - Expedia Group & Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire and Expedia Group released a report about making the travel industry more inclusive. Makingtrax adaptive advisor - Jezza was proudly one of the people to contribute to the report.

Expedia report

ParaRafting the latest International adaptive sport

The International Rafting Foundation opens raft racing to All abilities. Rafting is at the heart of Makingtrax and our adaptive advisor Jezza is proudly the driving force behind the rules and classifications. This awesome sport will provide global opportunities for teams around the world to compete.

ParaRafting launch