Public Speaking

Looking for a Speaker for your conference, school or event. Someone who can inspire, empower, educate and captivate your audience.. look no further. Jezza is one of a kind, with a lifetime of experiences that has created a mindset that lets nothing stand in his way to accomplish the near impossible. Changing the story Jezza believes adversity creates resilience, growth and understanding.

Jezza Public Speaking

A born adventurer from humble beginnings to a world traveler, international outdoor guide & pioneering adaptive adventure consultant. After a life changing canyoning accident in 2010, there was no holding back. Two years of rehabilitation after coming within an inch of death Jezza now, as a tetraplegic, has never let his disability take control. He has gone from an able-bodied expert in adventure tourism to a world expert in inclusive tourism and travel, revolutionizing adaptive adventure.

On a personal level Jezza is the first tetraplegic/quadriplegic in New Zealand’s history to gain a PG2 paragliding license and complete the Mongol rally 26,000 km from London to Mongolia via Eurasia and back through Russia.

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Public Speaking