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Your toolbox of information and education that can assist you and your staff understand more about the Inclusive Movement. For more education please refer to our education page

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man on wheelchair going down dirt track

Your Guide to Inclusive Tourism

Makingtrax are specialists in Inclusive Tourism - which differs from Accessible Tourism. Inclusion is about the experience rather than the infrastructure. All it requires is

  1. operators to know what the potential of their product in relation to their clients abilities - Education
  2. appropriate information, so the client can make an informed decision to book the experience - Information
  3. the ability to work with and understand your client assist or adapt... your adaptive advisor - Cooperation
  4. simple, safe and cost effective adaptations or solutions to assist your clients peak experience - Adaption (only if required)
  5. bring awareness to the experience so more individuals can experience your product - Promotion

Understand how simple inclusion is, download 'Your Guide to Inclusive Tourism'

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The Power of Adventure

Adventure is that therapy we all need, exercise for the mind and body. It's not only mindfulness, it’s Adventure Based Learning. Pushing one's boundaries provides confidence which in turn develops a sense of purpose. Opening horizons and supporting social development – encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own learning experience. These skills will later prove essential to their work and social life. 

Adventure therapy is a form of psychotherapy created as early as the 1960s.It is influenced by a variety of learning and psychological theories. Experiential education is the underlying philosophy. Existing research in adventure therapy reports positive outcomes in improving self-concept and self-esteem, help-seeking behaviour, increased mutual aid, pro-social behaviour, trust behaviour, and more.

Inclusion Empowers Diversity: Diversity Empowers Equality - Inclusion is still a new concept in New Zealand. Disability doesn't exist when we focus on possibility. Understand how important it is to provide Inclusive Experiences to all, download 'The Power of Adventure'

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Know Your Client who uses Wheelchair

Understanding your client is mandatory to provide a quality assured product. Your client needs to feel welcome, gaining confidence and trust are the two largest factors in your clients experience. Inclusion can be very simple if you and your staff understand the small things that make a big difference. Download 'Know Your Client who uses a Wheelchair'

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MTB Trail Building Recommendations

With the growth of adaptive mountain biking and technology of adaptive bikes it's so important that public and commercial bike tracks, trails and parks are inclusive. In NZ we don't currently have mountain bike trail building standards, but Canadian standards are very appropriate to the New Zealand environment. Makingtrax highly recommends building to the latest standards out of B.C. Canada. Download the standards

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Paragliding Buggy Assembly Instructions

Makingtrax owns four paragliding buggies that are available for hire to approved pilots, paragliding schools and operators. These buggies are built in France and are approved to fly here in New Zealand. The buggies are very easily dismantled for ease of travel, but correct assembly of the buggies is very important. Download the 'Paragliding Assembly Instructions'

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