Travel with confidence

New Zealand’s official Inclusive symbol of trust and reassurance, providing you the freedom to book with confidence. The 'Inclusive NZ' seal of approval is awarded to all Inclusive Movement Operators. Meaning they receive ongoing assistance of Makingtrax advisors, giving them the skills to provide you with the ultimate experience in relation to your ability.

Our Inclusive Seal what does it mean?

Makingtrax is Inclusive Tourism, not to be confused with accessibility. Inclusive Tourism is about the experience rather than the infrastructure. As adventure experts, the Makingtrax team educates operators, provides adaptive equipment if necessary and supports our Inclusive Operators to understand the potential of their product in relation to your ability.

All operators that are part of the Inclusive Movement with Makingtrax are awarded the Inclusive Seal. 

As everyone's ability is different, our team provides ongoing assistance. We realize not all abilities are capable of every adventure. However, we understand the potential of an individuals ability and an adventure opportunity. Therefore we endeavor to provide ultimate experiences in relation to your ability.