We believe in Total Inclusion & Integration through Adventure

Makingtrax Foundation is the Benchmark of Inclusive Tourism Aotearoa New Zealand.

Focusing on the experience we open possibilities in travel and adventure.

We're your Adventure Creator and Adaptive Advisor with a lifetime of lived experience.

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Ready for an adventure? Check the Adaptive Experiences and the Inclusive Directory - all you need to know to confidently book your experience. If you require more assistance, we are your adaptive advisors with lived experience - 

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Industry and  Operators

Industry and Operators

Access and inclusion is at the forefront of global tourism. You wouldn't offer minimum standard service, so why offer minimum standard access or inclusive experiences? Let us lead you to best practice, it's as simple as starting a conversation. Your adaptive advisory service with a lifetime of lived experience - 

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Education and Guidance

Education and Guidance

Makingtrax Foundation is the original Inclusive Tourism advisory service, we understand the challenges, pathways and industry. Diversity is humanity and if our social environment truly reflected our society we would all flourish. To enlighten yourself and others around you contact Jezza today -


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