About Making Trax Foundation

We are the only independent organization dedicated to Inclusion in Adventure, Tourism & Travel. 

Our story started by accident


Makingtrax started right here in Aotearoa over a decade ago.


After a life changing canyoning accident in the Swiss Alps, Jezza looked into the adaptive adventure industry. Blown away at the lack of opportunities and infrastructure, Makingtrax was born

We started with a simple vision


Open adventure to all abilities


Adventure is the therapy we all need, exercise for the mind and body. It's not only awesome fun it's a school of endless opportunities.  Our passion started a movement right here in Aotearoa, the Inclusive Tourism Movement. Realizing the demand for our work has reaffirmed our new vision, purpose and commitment.

Our bold new vision


Create the Inclusive Adventure Capital of the World


This bold step will take courage, dedication and grit.  We will need forward thinkers, industry leaders, awesome operators and open minds joining our journey.  Working together with Operators, Organizations, Industry alike, the Inclusive Movement with Makingtrax.

Our Purpose

Empowering Integration & Inclusion through Adventure


The Makingtrax Foundation believes that everybody on this earth has different abilities physical, emotional & intellectual. Diversity is what all human beings have in common. Through exposing possibilities through Adventure we open minds to ALL.  Abilities Shine in Challenging Environments.

Creating  World of Equality


  Building Inclusive Destinations through Aotearoa

  Partnering with Organizations & Industry

  Improving Access & Adaptations

  Taking away barriers

  Providing Educational Opportunities

Encouraging Diversity


  Interactive Inclusive Directory

  Platform of all Inclusive Operators

  Appropriate info assisting clients

  Seal of Approval - creating Quality, Trust & Reassurance

  Creating awareness through Film & Media

  Providing ongoing support to Industry & Operators

  Assisting with correct procedures




We Are Stronger Together

We are the only independent organization dedicated to inclusion in adventure, tourism & travel. The more the industry joins Inclusive Movement the more we can achieve & grow together. Who can we make an impact on? 688,380 kiwis that have a physical disability plus their friends and families. Internationals will follow with 15% of the global population, including 4.4 Million Australians having some form of disability; including 75 million Wheelchair users Worldwide

Opening eyes everywhere 

We can make everything Inclusive however to create a movement, awareness of possibilities is essential. 
Our team includes specialists in creating powerful imagery and content. Through Film & Media we have became internationally recognized as the Inclusive Tourism game changers. Our reach is immense both Domestic and International. Makingtrax team can assist any operator, industry, organization or destination by creating empowering stories of possibilities. Encouraging Inclusive promotion through mainstream avenues opens minds and builds an integrated society.

The Impact of Inclusion in Adventure


  Increased Confidence & Skill / Building Self-Efficacy & Self-Esteem

  Enhancing Relationships / Bonding with their Families & Individuals without Disabilities

  Elevates Quality of Life / Developing Skills that Transfer into Life

  Changing the Story / Creating Opportunities & Diversity in the Workforce

  Builds Resilience & Understanding of Personal Limits 

  Living life to the full potential

It’s Your Movement

Inclusion requires Education, Confidence and Practical Solutions .. not to be confused with Accessibility & Infrastructure, the Inclusive Movement is about the experience! It starts with a Conversation, Developing an ongoing Relationship, we are at your Service. Be a proud member, you are a Superior Operation if you can provide Advanced Customer Care.

Keeping Quality


Inclusive NZ Seal

The most important part to any adventure is trust, safety & reassurance. In Aotearoa we pride ourselves on quality. The Inclusive Seal provides evidence that your business is part of the Inclusive Movement, has ongoing assistance from Makingtrax and is a quality inclusive tourism business. It provides instant recognition for customers that your business will deliver a safe quality inclusive experience. The Inclusive Seal is Awarded to all Inclusive Movement Operators as they have the ongoing support of Makingtrax

Gaining confidence

We make it so simple


We understand it may be daunting to start your Inclusive Journey and you may believe it's not possible for your business to cater for people with disabilities. Trust me when I say it's just education and appropriate information giving you confidence and your client appropriate information to make an informed decision to choose your experience.

Every Ability is as different as the Environment

Aligning to make a difference

We are proudly working behind the scenes to Create Equality and inclusion through Education & Adventure. As part of the Movement you too are making a difference without knowing. Working with:


  Regional Tourism Organizations

  Mtn Biking & Paragliding Associations

  Local Councils & Recreational Reserves

   Schools, Universities & Polytechnics

  Organizations, Communities & more