Meet Jezza

Thanks for taking a moment to getting to know me, below a fun story lives. I hope you enjoy reading it .. I love living it!!

Adventure  "To Undertake a Task Without Knowing the Outcome"  -  Jezza Williams


I was magnetized towards the guiding industry that embraced an inquisitive spirit like me. Start gun or whistle for some... rivers, mountains and canyons for me.

Never an artist, nor musician, but instruments and brushes my kayak and skis. The martial art of calmness in chaos, of reading water and snow, growing my mindset and the simplicity of flow.

A playground of discovery in front of me, learning with nature, wild and free, mountains and rivers that run to the sea. Lessons taught, risk versus reward, where experience was everything and fear was the source.

Experimenting with limits was the secret ingredient, flipping fear to empower me. Embracing the environment, exposing a passion to where I wanted to be. My journey was just beginning, as soon everything came freely.

My naive mind was about to grow as reality of the world is about to be on show. Would be a while before I returned as the school of life I transform. 



Australia first, seemed simple enough, but not the Northern Territory. A wild world far from my own.. I would grow at every turn.

A one way ticket and a hundi in my pocket Switzerland was calling with a job and more than just a profit. One year turned to two as with a travel addiction life seemed so true. 

Honduras wild world prevails with snakes spiders and scorpion tails. Where content life with dirt floors a poverty I've never seen before. This exciting life I'm drawn to, where values may surprise you as here rich is family, a happy life and community. If that wasn't enough for me venturing  through the Darrien living with Embra Indians would educate me.

15 years of travel I discover, experiences I can never read, preparedness I didn't know I would need. From Europe, Africa, Asia and America too, even Australia had a lesson or two.

Learning from others strengths and pain, health, disease and happiness of simplicity. Knowledge of extremes built my mind. Competing with no one I could find as I learnt so well, it's all about growth to better ones self

A blink of an eye, a complacent thought. My life of jumps and flips, an instant is all it took, to change my world, my path, my look. The pain and fright in loved ones eyes showed the severity of my new found demise. Induced coma with a month of dreams. It was worse for family, the pain I never seen.

Waking slowly, unable to breath the sound of the beeps lights my keep. Unable to walk never crossed my mind, as I focused on possible, the only kind. My physical being totally changed in an instant now muscle gone, replace by skin in bones and sunken eyes Unable to eat, breath or tie my shoes, challenges came with every move.

The cooper taste now returned, as every thought so unknown. My sweaty soles I can not feel reminded me to accept this ordeal. Ownership is the key as no challenge will worry me. Independence all now gone, the instinct of adventure was never so strong.

Out the window horizon clear, closer now than ever aware. Mind focused to the blue, the sun, the positivity the only thing I knew. Shining back straight on me, my mindset now is all I need, absorb the good, never the bad. Power within, it gave me energy I thought I never had.

A year of focus I return back home, my new horizons as adventures are about to grow. Back to my game of risk verse reward. Now free again fears disperse and possibility now my new course. Lucky me, there is only a certain few, that get a chance to live not once, but now live two.

My body changed my mind adapts, what others see makes no sense. To me I see the where and how, I did it then why not now.

Adventure and travel now returned. Realizing nothing can stop a mind less concerned, on other people's stares as it's their insecurities. Endless adventure now back again time for experiment with my new being.

Testing my limits with a trip through Euroasia, London to Mongolia and back again 26000 km in a tiny machine with my good mates an amazing team, going places I never could have imagined being. Nepal, the Swiss Alps I have been there too, you know what's changed? My understanding of others and how it humbles you.


Now just for fun I put my life on the line, a paragliding pilot who would have known. With only shoulders to control, I blew even my expectations and a licence was given what a mind screw.

I can share from my experiences here now with you, contentment comes with pathway, ownership, focus and giving to others provides power too!!

Makingtrax is my cause, adventure, inclusion these the magic words, adapts the world of experiences to all as its only focus is on what's real, human beings are but equal. Every human, big or small, race, religion I hope you learn to respect them all.

I hope you enjoyed this story I tell, of lessons learnt the why and how. Next time you jump to a thought of another person you may met. Take a moment and think a little deep as they may offer more than you ever saw. If there's one thing I can leave with you..

"A tree that sees no wind, will fall"