About Makingtrax

After a life changing canyoning accident in the Swiss Alps, Jezza looked into the adaptive adventure industry. Blown away at the lack of opportunities and infrastructure, Makingtrax was born.

Our not for profit platform, initiates and facilitates experiences for people who normally would not have access to them.

Initially focused on finding leading adventure companies that would tailor trips for Makingtrax clients, our experience and knowledge of the industry expanded. Makingtrax opened groundbreaking opportunities and has provided life changing adventure experiences for appreciated clients ever since.

Makingtrax educates adventure companies, assists them to provide relevant information and when necessary designing and/or acquiring adaptive equipment giving both client and operator confidence to enjoy their experience. We call it advanced customer care.

Makingtrax have a decade of opening inclusive tourism nationally and internationally we are now global game-changers.

At Makingtrax, we can do whatever you need, give you advice, lead tours, develop an adaptive product for your business or simply give you advice to make someone else’s dreams come true at your business on your products.

Trax Director Jezza Williams

A born adventurer from humble beginnings to a world traveller, international outdoor guide & pioneering adaptive adventure consultant.

Kiwi country kid with a wilderness playground at his doorstep, who could imagine such a journey...

Over twenty years of experience, guiding internationally on spectacular rivers & canyons, adventuring into lost jungles, Patrolling steep and deep mountains. Working in wild environments: a life of risk taking and exploring limits. Jezza believes your only limitation is yourself.

After a life changing canyoning accident in 2010, there was no holding back. Two years of rehabilitation after losing all independence and coming within an inch of death Jezza now, as a tetraplegic, has never let his disability take control. He has never stopped pushing the limits.

Jezza has gone from an able-bodied expert in adventure tourism to a world expert in inclusive tourism and travel, revolutionising adaptive adventure.

Always moving forward, became the first tetraplegic to complete the 26 000 km Mongol Rally from London to Mongolia and back again, and now is New Zealand's first tetraplegic solo paragliding pilot.


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