Tandem Paragliding


Tandem flights with a specially designed flight chair to accommodate people with reduced mobility for tandem paragliding flights.  The chair has been developed by French company Back Bone in conjunction with the Handicare section of the French Federation of Free Flight.  It is made from aeronautical steel which gives it strength and relative lightness. 


Avalible to people of all ability.  Only restriction is a maximum weight limit of 85 kg, although if you weigh more please contact us and specify your weight. Flights are the same cost for all, however an addditional donation of $50 is appreciated to the Makingtrax Foundation for the use of the adaptive equipment. If you are in the weight range and would like to book with the Christchurch base you may book directly with Christchurch Paragliding. For more information, outside the weight range or to book with the Auckland base contact us.

Price indicated is subject to change, additional donation to Makingtrax is not included in featured price


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