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Bespoke tours to suit your interests in the spectacular Nelson/Tasman area. Working in partnership with the Gentle Cycling Company, the Great Taste Trail is ready for you and your traveling companions. The Bowhead Rogue is our most highly engineered and exciting set of wheels in the shed. Utilising suspension technology from F1 racing cars, the Rogue is a beautiful piece of engineering. Adjustable for people from 9-90 year of age, this safe, comfortable and fun Adventure-E Bike has a powerful, smooth motor to help you adventure and explore for longer each day. Price dependent on final itinerary

Great Taste Trail

Adaptive Information

Work with Makingtrax and the Gentle Cycling Company to arrange an itinerary you'll love. Duration - 1 to 7 days, tailored to you.  For more information and to start your adventure check the Gentle Cycling Company website - or connect with your adaptive advisor -

Gentle Cycling Co.